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Celebrate everything with a memorable dining experience!

We are committed to provide the authentic taste of tandoori in a way you have never imagine before.

Welcome to Everest Tandoori

Founded in 2009 by the family RAI with an ambition to provide traditional Indian cuisine with an authentic taste together with a great ambiance.

See what people are saying

"Amazing food but… when they tell you that spicy is actually spicy… you need to believe them🤣. We will definitely come back!"

Beata Trijsburg Osobka

Beata Trijsburg Osobka

"It is our favourite restaurant in Leiden! The food is delicious and genuine, the atmosphere is peaceful- a delight! And when my husband and I are missing India and Nepal`s warm and serene atmosphere, we know where to go!"

Alexandra Landstra-Kalinine

Alexandra Landstra-Kalinine

"Ate deliciously, very friendly staff. Definitely recommended."

Chandra Chhetri

Chandra Chhetri

Parking information


Approx. 300 meters from restaurant
  • 10 cents/hour for first 2 hours only
  • Free on Saturday and Sunday
  • Free from 07:30 PM on working days


Approx. 120 meters from restaurant
  • Free on Sunday
  • Free from 07:30 PM from Monday to Saturday